The Clean Energy Global management team consists of the CEO, CTO, COO as well as VP Asia. In addition, Clean Energy Global cooperates with universities and engineering service companies for prototype development as well as battery manufacturers for development and production.


Philipp Rosengarten is CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Clean Energy Global GmbH responsible for sales and finance. Philipp acumulated over 20 years of know-how about electric vehicles as well as renewable energies. He has experience as director finance at a wind farm operator and was manager finance at a German stock- listed bio-diesel producer. He is convinced that the automotive industry can successfully make the turn to e-mobility with smart exchangeable battery packs and Battery-as-a-Service. This reduces EV prices by around 30%, cuts charging time to less than 1 minute and enables charging to those 90% of city people, who have no access to home charging.


Dr.-Ing. Steffen Schneider is CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of Clean Energy Global GmbH. He has over 20 years of experience in the electrical industry, particularly at Robert Bosch Power Tools GmbH, where he was responsible for central manufacturing coordination for manufacturers of power tools and accessories. This included identifying and shaping strategic manufacturing topics such as business planning, investments for Asia and Latin America, as well as leading strategic special projects for the business unit. In detail, Industry 4.0 – strategy and detailed rollout plan created, coordinated and started implementation as well as agile working – introduction of the value stream organisation as a new standard in production.


Keith Willett is COO (Chief Operating Officer) of Clean Energy Global GmbH. Keith brings a substantial experience in renewables, financial services, and engineering. With 30 years energy industry background, he was  CEO of 1.5 bn revenue utility.  Aware of the disparity between these pursuits, he has built a bespoke foundation with which he is able to cross pollinate ideas between industries. Engaging, sharp, and creative, with the ability to define a strategic vision and translate it to operational delivery. A proven ability to manage risk through change, and maintain first class governance frameworks.


Sun Xun is VP (Vice President) Asia of Clean Energy Global GmbH. Having grown up bilingually in China and Germany, he has a deep understanding of both cultures and a wealth of life experience in Germany and China. Already during his studies he was fascinated by the startup world and supported the foundation of an IT startup. With an affinity for technology and a degree in business informatics, he has many years of experience as an M&A consultant, particularly in cross-broader M&A (including transactions in the automotive and aviation sectors), foreign direct investment (FDI) and transactions in the renewable energy sector (photovoltaic and wind energy plants) between Asia – especially China – and Germany/Europe.


  • Head of Hard- and Software
    > 10 years experience in software, cloud and app programming
  • Head of Battery Management Systems
    > 10 years experience for the development of active BMS


If you are  interested, please e-mail CV to:

  • CFO (Chief Financial Officer – female)
    > 5 years experience in accounting and controlling, IPO
  • CMO (Chief Marketing Officer – female)
    > 5 years experience in B2B sales and marketing
  • CIO (Chief Information Officer – female)
    > 5 years experience in website design and SEO optimization
  • BMS (Battery Management System) engineer
    > 5 years experience in Battery Management System development