Battery-as-a-Service (BaaS) leverages the purpose-designed smart battery system Clean Energy Pack, the safe and secure connectivity module Clean Energy Link, as well as the app and cloud environment Clean Energy Net. This supports communication and billing between operators and users of Clean Energy Packs, as well as between all other producers and consumers of electricity.

FOR USERS: Share and scale energy storage

In stationary applications – such as solar and wind farms, cabins, campers – Battery-as-a-Service offers a decisive contribution to energy transition through shared energy storage of solar and wind power in smart batteries. For every user of Battery-as-a-Service, the cost of electricity will be lowered by operating reserve fees. Through demand-driven rental and scaling, Clean Energy Packs offer significantly lower cost per stored kilowatthour (kWh) of energy. Clean Energy Pack offers uninterrupted power supply (UPS) for houses, installations and any other applications. Each Clean Energy Pack can be used directly in electric cars and vans, but also solar energy storage or industrial machinery. All Clean Energy Packs combine to a real energy community with Blockchain protocol.

Swap batteries rapidly

In mobile applications – such as electric cars, vans, SUVs, boats, RVs – charging times get reduced to less than one minute through fast swapping of pre-charged Clean Energy Packs for energy storage. The electric charging of Clean Energy Packs for electric cars and trucks is managed intelligently in order to avoid grid instability and blackouts. The sales price of electric vehicles is reduced significantly, as they can be offered without installed batteries. Every vehicle with Clean Energy Packs provides uninterrupted power supply (UPS) through bi-directional charging. In the case of eventual loss of energy storage capacity, the smart battery Clean Energy Packs are easily switched to “Second Life” applications through Plug-and-Play. All use and charging operations are recorded independently of infrastructure using Blockchain protocols and made available for monitoring and billing.

FOR OPERATORS: Innovative and subscription-based business models

The innovative business model Battery-as-a-Service opens entirely new possibilities for revenue and profitability in the sectors energy distribution, automotive industry and technical retail chains (such as filling stations, hardware stores, service shops, fleet operators). As an operator of Battery-as-a-Service you manage a large number of Clean Energy Packs either in own possession or on the basis of a financing/ lease from an investor, and acquire a licence to operate or access the Clean Energy Net. All relevant data are provided through Clean Energy Net. Reliable billing information is communicated to the user through an app and billed directly.

Safe revenue and profit

The sources of revenue in the Battery-as-a-Service business model are primarily the rental of Clean Energy Packs to users, as well the sale of energy in pre-charged Clean Energy Packs. The fees for the rental of Clean Energy Packs are determined not only by the duration, but also the intensity and kind of use, the protocolled state as well as physical location of use. Further sources of income can be – among others – the sale and rental of installations and machinery for use with Clean Energy Packs, maintenance and repair, pooling and logistics. Especially in subscription-based businesses with end users, Battery-as-a-Service can be an outstanding measure for increasing revenue and customer retention – your business creativity is not limited in smart batteries for energy storage!

FOR MANUFACTURERS: New Products and Markets

With the Clean Energy Pack, Clean Energy Global offers you a fully developed, technically simple, highly efficiently manufacturable product on a licence base. With your experience as manufacturer of battery systems or solar panels, electric appliances or components, the acquisition of a production licence offers you a strategic enlargement of your product offering with global market potential and independent branding.

Your volume-based licence fee not only allows you to manufacture and sell, but also to source the required components and optimize your production processes within the technical specifications and compatibility to the global standard of Clean Energy Packs. Clean Energy Global plans strict, global control of market prices of Clean Energy Packs and licence products, in order to promote the growth of the market on the one hand, but also to guarantee attractive operating margins for production partners and licence holders.

FOR OEMS AND DEVELOPERS: Competitive new applications

You are a producer or developer of electrical machinery, systems or vehicles? You want to offer your products at the lowest price in the market, and provide your customers with a superior service experience? Then you should acquire licences for the Clean Energy Net-compatible battery management system for the development and production of own applications of Battery-as-a-Service and Clean Energy Pack.

If you are looking to make your existing systems compatible with Clean Energy Net, you can acquire licenses for Clean Energy Link which secures the safety of all transferred data and the integrity of Clean Energy Net. We also provide independent licenes of readily developed, Clean Energy Pack-based applications such as Clean Energy Solar energy storage, Clean Energy Rack or Clean Energy Swapping Station for seamless integration into your product offering with your own brand name and design.

The open licence for the production of Clean Energy Packs and the operation of Clean Energy Net


The universal, modular battery storage for stationary and mobile applications


The proprietary cloud securing communication and billing between operators and users of Clean Energy Packs


Battery-as-a-Service, the integrated system of hardware, software and cloud for innovative BaaS business models