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Battery-as-a-Service (BaaS) is leveraged by the safe and secure IoT module Clean Energy Link, the Clean Energy Net with app and energy cloud, the swappable battery Clean Energy Pack and the smart stationary Clean Energy Wall. This supports communication and billing between operators and users of Clean Energy Packs, as well as between all other producers and consumers of electricity.


Clean Energy Net secures the safety and integrity of all transferred data. This data comes from the IoT device Clean Energy Link and can be displayed on computers for the product owners as well as on the apps for the end customers with an individual white-label design. Our B2B clients can decide themselves where they want to host the data: on its on servers or in a third-party cloud.


Clean Energy Wall with 5 kWh can be used especially well for uninterruptible power supply (UPS). It can be used in stationary applications in households, home offices or small businesses. The Clean Energy Wall offers a decisive contribution to the energy transition through the shared storage of solar and wind power in smart batteries. For each user of Battery-as-a-Service, the price of electricity becomes directly and indirectly cheaper through remuneration for balancing power. The Clean Energy Walls offer significantly lower costs per stored kilowatt hour (kWh) by renting and scaling from 5 to 75 kWh according to demand. For enquiries for battery cabinets from 75 kWh or battery containers from 1 MWh, both optional with Energy Managment System, please contact us at


Clean Energy Pack can be used as smart modular exchange batteries directly in electric cars and electric vans. With 2.5 kWh and 48 volts, the Clean Energy Pack mono can be used for L6e or L7e vehicles for a manual exchange with 13 kg. The Clean Energy Pack standard with 5 kWh and 48 – 800 volts is suitable for larger electric cars and delivery vans. B2B customers here are e-car start-ups and workshops that can offer their customers conversion kits for their combustion vehicles without having to invest in the hardware themselves.


Clean Energy Global is currently working on the following pilot projects. However, we are open to finding solutions for similar or new problems with our products. Just give us a call on +49-30-9599 993 17 or simply send us an email with a brief description of the problem to

  • IoT modules for second-life batteries: adaptation of IoT module Clean Energy Link for electic vehicle second-life battery modules, battery cloud Clean Energy Net and App also possible for new batteries
  • Fixed EV  battery to swappable battery: conversion to Clean Energy Packs (CEP) swappable batteries including integration with control of Clean Energy Link and Clean Energy Net
  • Electric LCV conversion kit: for diesel engines for a light commerical van with an electric motor and Clean Energy Packs, which can be leased by endusers
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