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We enable our B2B customers to offer Battery-as-a-Service white label –
integrating smart energy storage in a secure cloud.


The energy transition aka “Energiewende” is the most prominent issue in Germany, in industrialised countries e-mobility is currently only gaining traction because of huge subsidies. But these developments threaten to fail without subsidies: efficient solutions for energy storage are needed to make energy transition and electric mobility to succeed.

Clean Energy Global develops with its products an effective and practicable solution to these problems. Clean Energy Global enables its B2B customers to offer Battery-as-a-Service with smart energy storage in an intelligent network. This licencing platform solution is secured by years of deep-tech know-how as well as numerous German patents, utility patents and design patents.

Up to 50% less cost per kilowatt hour

Clean Energy Global has developed this solution: Battery-as-a-Service. It combines the battery-electric energy storage Clean Energy Pack, the universal IoT connectivity module Clean Energy Link and the software and cloud solution Clean Energy Net into a flexible and safe system for universal energy storage. With these, Clean Energy Global reduces the energy storing cost per kWh (kilowatt hour) significantly.

This is how we ensure ongoing innovation and fast growth: the technology innovations of fast battery swapping and integration of smart-grid form the basis. These are the foundations of the business model innovation Battery-as-a-Service, which is enabled by universal, safe and smart battery units and a secure connectivity ecosystem. This business model addresses the global growth markets of sustainable energy, electric mobility as well as numerous other on- and off-grid applications.


In mobile applications – such as electric cars, vans, SUVs, boats, RVs – charging times get reduced to less than one minute through first manually and later also automatically fast swapping of pre-charged Clean Energy Packs for energy storage. The electric charging of Clean Energy Packs for electric cars and trucks is managed intelligently in order to avoid grid instability and blackouts. The sales price of electric vehicles is reduced significantly, as they can be offered without installed batteries. Every vehicle with Clean Energy Packs provides uninterrupted power supply (UPS) through bi-directional charging. In the case of eventual loss of energy storage capacity, the smart battery Clean Energy Packs are easily switched to “Second Life” applications through Plug-and-Play. All use and charging operations are recorded independently of infrastructure using the energy cloud Clean Energy Net and made available for monitoring and billing.

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