Clean Energy Global (since 2016)

Smart, safe and sustainable lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries
and CEG also enables B2B customers to offer Battery-as-a-Service


With our battery products, Clean Energy Global develops, produces and distributes effective and affordable commercial storage systems and smart swappable batteries for storing green energy from solar and wind power plants. Clean Energy Global enables its B2B customers to offer Battery-as-a-Service with smart energy storage systems in an intelligent battery cloud. This solution is protected by years of expertise and numerous German property rights (patents, utility models and registered designs).


Clean Energy Global offers smart, safe and cycle-proof stationary lithium iron phosphate (LFP) commercial storage systems with the following battery sizes: from battery cabinet Clean Energy Cabinet 50 kWh – 300 kWh to battery container Clean Energy Container from 1 to 2 MWh. All are equipped with the battery IoT module Clean Energy Link and the battery cloud Clean Energy Net. This means that all CEG batteries are monitored 24/7 with LTE-M 4G against fire, vandalism and theft.


In mobile applications – e.g. electric cars, electric vans, electric SUVs, electric boats or motorhomes – the charging time is reduced to less than 1 minute thanks to the fast, initially manual or, in future, automatic swapping of charged Clean Energy Packs. The electrical charging of the smart Clean Energy Pack battery for electric cars and commercial vehicles is intelligently controlled to ensure grid instability and prevent power outages.

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