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Who we are

We three founders Peter Marchl (Technology), Philipp Rosengarten (Finance) and Christoph Stürmer (Marketing) cover the most important areas of a successful company with our personal expertise. We are supported by a network of the best partner companies for the development and production of our innovative systems and solutions.


For more than 10 year, Peter Marchl (CTO) constructed and built large solar and wind power installations in southern Europe.

His latest passion is 3D-printing as additive manufacturing – he is experimenting with new materials and has already filed patents, which will be used in Clean Energy Packs.


Philipp Rosengarten (CFO) is experienced as finance director of a wind farm operator and as finance manager of a stock-listed German PLC. Philipp is convinced that only with the Clean Energy Pack, the automotive industry can succeed in the transition to electromobility.

He contributes detailed experience in financial corporate management as well as financing and capital acquisition in the sustainable energy sector. Before that, he worked as automotive industry analyst at IHS Automotive (formerly Global Insight), specialising in light commercial vehicles and the luxury sector. In 2004, he published the business book “Premium Power – the secret of success of Mercedes-Benz, Porsche BMW and Audi” together with Christoph Stürmer in German and English.


Christoph Stürmer (CMO) has been active in and for the automotive industry for more than 20 years. As an economist, Christoph wants to leverage “Battery-as-a-Service” as universal energy system to make a valuable contribution especially in developing countries and establish new business models such as “Battery-as-a-Service” on a global scale.

Due to his professional start at Daimler and management functions in strategic product planning, he is accustomed to the processes and functions of automotive manufacturers as well as large corporations. At IHS Global and then at PwC Autofacts, he got to know other automotive manufacturers as well as major suppliers, and established good contacts on the leadership level there. In addition to that, Christoph is well known in the automotive and business press, and has been giving academic lectures.


Clean Energy Global GmbH
Bismarckstr. 10-12
10625 Berlin, Germany

Philipp Rosengarten
Co-Founder CFO
+49 30 9599 9931 7

Peter Marchl
Co-Founder CTO
+49 30 9599 9931 5

Christoph Stürmer
Co-Founder CMO
+49 30 9599 9931 5

The open licence for the production of Clean Energy Packs and the operation of Clean Energy Net


The universal, modular battery storage for stationary and mobile applications


The proprietary cloud securing communication and billing between operators and users of Clean Energy Packs


Battery-as-a-Service, the integrated system of hardware, software and cloud for innovative BaaS business models



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