Clean Energy Global Newsletter – December 2021

Clean Energy Global GmbH wishes you a Happy New Year

Year in review 2021 and year outlook 2022

Dear friends and partners of Clean Energy Global,

Clean Energy Global wishes everyone a happy and healthy New Year 2022!

The year 2021 was marked by ending the Pre-Series A financing round and the first product-market fits. Many thanks to all investors for their investments. They enabled us with conversions of L7e vehicles to our Clean Energy Pack swappable battery pack prototypes a Letter of Intent (LOI) for a light electric vehicle series integration from 2022. In addition, the first order for a Clean Energy Link IoT (Internet of Things) module for second-life battery modules from a major European automotive group. This product-market fit is now leading to further appointments with electric vehicle manufacturer start-ups interested in the topic of swappable batteries. Here we can offer the Internet of Things IoT module Clean Energy Link and the Battery Could Clean Energy Net as an entry point to prepare existing battery modules for swapping. The focus is on monitoring, controlling and billing the existing battery modules.

In addition, the Clean Energy Pack development and industrialisation will be pursued further. Here, the Series A investment offer starts at €2 million with a focus on the small Clean Energy Pack mono with 2.5 kWh, which is perfectly suited for light electric vehicles. For another €3 million, the larger Clean Energy Pack with 5 kWh for up to 800 volts for larger vehicles, with market entry in the used car market with e-conversion of existing diesel or petrol vehicles. First for large SUVs and city delivery vans, as this is where the CO2 savings potential is greatest. And for another €5 million then a semi-automatic swapping system for battery modules or module containers. If you are interested, we would be happy to e-mail you our current Clean Energy Global pitch deck:

With best regards from Berlin,

Yours, Clean Energy Global Team


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