Clean Energy Global Newsletter from 29 July 2021

Clean Energy Global GmbH – first order from the automotive industry

L7e prototype converted with Clean Energy Packs and handed over

Dear friends and investors of Clean Energy Global,

the submission of a bid for a European car manufacturer group for Clean Energy Link as an IoT module was successful.

After the Clean Energy Pack prototype conversion of the L7e prototype, it was handed over on 16 July and photos and movies were taken for the interested strategic Series A investors. The L7e vehicle can drive slowly with CEP prototypes. The result is a commitment for an LOI for series integration, which is now being negotiated. Next we are tackling the CEP conversion of a Renault Twizy for the IAA in Munich. Here, the first feasibility study was made and the result is: the Clean Energy Pack Prototype 4 fits into the existing battery module housing under the seat, which is patented by CEG, and makes the adaptation easier than planned.

Clean Energy Global was also able to hire Steffan Schneider as CTO and Mirja Landes as CMO last month, so that we now have a complete management team for the negotiations with the Series A investors. Both have very good experience in the electronics and environmental industries and can make an important contribution to CEG with their knowledge and expertise.

For interested business angel investors there are €12,500 BA investment tranches available in Germany with 20% INVEST grant. For further questions or investment documents simply send an email to:


Best regards from Berlin,

Yours, Clean Energy Global Team


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