Clean Energy Global Newsletter from April 25, 2021

Clean Energy Global GmbH – three new employees

Telekom Hubraum Network Sustainability Award 2021

Dear friends and investors of Clean Energy Global,

the crowd investment campaign has been extended for the 2nd quarter of 2021. The two business angel investments of €12,500 and €50,000 have been paid in and thus Clean Energy Global is financing:

– the Clean Energy Pack Prototypes 4 Nos. 4 & 5 as a stationary pilot project also from the IoT module CEL,

– the Clean Energy Pack Prototypes 5 A-Samples No. 1 – 4 as a preliminary stage to serial production and

– to complete the Clean Energy Link and Clean Energy Net 1st phase development by the end of June.

For the Clean Energy Link and Clean Energy Net programming, Clean Energy Global hired three new employees in April to continue in-house software development. Patrick is doing the CEL integration of the sensors with SMS alert function. Costanza the UX/UI design for the web application to control the data. Nikolas takes care of the programming of the Energy Cloud Clean Energy Net and moved it from the server to the Telekom Open Cloud, which makes future scaling easy and secure. It was also important for the application to Deutsche Telekom.

Clean Energy Global was invited to the Telekom Hubraum Network Sustainability Award 2021 as one of 12 start-ups out of 89 applicants to pitch on April 28 for a pilot project for self-sufficient C02-free power supply of cell towers through solar and wind power as well as smart energy storage. The result will be known at the beginning of May and we hope to go ahead with a pilot project.

For all investors, there was a FunderNation online management presentation on April 14 at 6pm with quarterly report and battery market overview. Those who missed this event can now watch the recording at their leisure under the following link:

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.


With best regards from Berlin,

Yours, Clean Energy Global Team


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