Clean Energy Global was founded in Berlin in 2016 with the vision to make sustainable electricity the leading source of energy everywhere in the world. For this, we offer our clients the innovative business model Battery-as-a-Service with their own production and sales of Clean Energy Pack, Clean Energy Link and the operation of Clean Energy Net.

FOR PRIVATE INVESTORS: Crowdinvestment through subordinated loans

For our private investors, we offer the renown crowd-investment platform FunderNation.eu as a proven and safe framework. With only a few mouse clicks, crowd investors register and complete their crowd investment of 100 to 10,000 EUR quickly and completely online. Their investments benefit our investment and development plan directly and support our progress already during the ongoing campaign.

Series A Investment Round is open for Business Angels from 12.500 EUR and Crowd Investors from 100 EUR, offering up to 500,000 EUR new investment opportunities as subordinated loan. This way you can make private investments into the megatrends Battery-as-a-Service, electric energy storage and Internet-of-Things, as well as sharing, decarbonisation, CO2-abatement und sustainability.

The investments of the crowd investors are contributed in the usual, proven form of a “subordinated loan”. On the one hand, it functions as equity in our balance sheet, but on the other hand it gives investors the security of subordinated debt. Even during the five-year duration of the investment contract, they receive profit-driven interest payments. At the end of the investment period, investors automatically receive a pay-out according to the valuation of their company share equivalent.

FOR BUSINESS ANGELS: Equity investment with INVEST subsidy

As a Business Angel, you profit from the proven framework of the renown investment platform FunderNation.eu, and receive the same juridical and technical security we guarantee our Crowd Investors. In particular, you will not incur any additional payment or tax obligations, but your financial commitment will remain strictly limited to your initial investment – while your possible profit is virtually unlimited and without a predetermined maturity period.

With their investment from 12,500 EUR on, Business Angels will acquire direct equity of Clean Energy Global GmbH as shareholders, get immediate access to the founders and other shareholders, and can contribute actively to the development of technologies and the company itself. All contracts will be certified by notaries and can for German Business Angels with application before any written commitment profit from the 20% INVEST subsidy of the Federal Ministry of Economics, which will be paid out directly.

FOR STRATEGIC INVESTORS: secure technology and market access

Innovative entrepreneurs, their family offices, strategic Venture Capital investors, major companies looking for proven, tested technologies and the access to large, strongly growing markets of energy transition and electromobility  – for these investors we offer long-term models of cooperation on the basis of major equity shares of up to 25% for 5 million EUR.

With an investment of 500,000 EUR or more, all doors of our company are open for you, you receive clear competencies in strategic and operational decisions, and you can use our competencies, our network and our contacts for the support of your business goals. For your decision making, we have can provide extensive documentation as well as detailed planning. Our financial advisors are experienced in the execution of due diligence processes and are available in person.

FOR FINANCIAL INVESTORS: Fast growth through massive scaling

Although we don’t have external revenues yet, we already have received numerous enquiries and expressions of interest from innovative Venture Capital firms and large investment funds, so that we are aware of their requirements and expectations. Starting 2021, we expect strong and profitable revenue growth, based on which we will offer further company shares as B-Round for the financing of further enlargement of the product portfolio, market coverage and value add. With an adequate volume, this round will meet the scale of such investors even better and will be supported professionally in accordance. As soon as 2023 we plan to reach a substantial size and valuation which secures further long-term growth.

FOR INVESTMENT AGENCIES: Innovation and employment

Investment agencies of federal and state organisations paly an important role in the innovation landscape of the European Union. Although we have made sure that our business plan works without public funding, we do not want to rule out this opportunity, especially as our company is not yet bound to a certain location geographically or logistically, and is still preparing for the major growth in revenue, profitability and employment. Of course, a public investor from 500.000 EUR on will receive the exact same terms (“pari passu”) as a strategic investor from the private sector, and can contribute its special requirements and investment goals equivocally to the strategic direction of our company. Extensive documentation and the executive director are available on short notice.

The open licence for the production of Clean Energy Packs and the operation of Clean Energy Net


The universal, modular battery storage for stationary and mobile applications


The proprietary cloud securing communication and billing between operators and users of Clean Energy Packs


Battery-as-a-Service, the integrated system of hardware, software and cloud for innovative BaaS business models


The acquisition of this financial asset is subject to significant risk and can lead to the complete loss of the invested funds. The projected return is not guaranteed and may turn out lower.