Clean Energy Global was founded in Berlin in 2016 with the vision to make sustainable electricity the leading source of energy everywhere in the world. For this, we offer our clients the innovative business model Battery-as-a-Service with their own white-lable version of Clean Energy Pack, Clean Energy Link and the operation of Clean Energy Net.


VC funds and strategic investors can become part of innovative companies by investing in Clean Energy Global protected new technologies and gain access to the rapidly growing markets of the energy transition and electromobility. For these investors, we offer long-term cooperation models based on company shares. The Series A investment depends on scope of products and investment, which is also possible as a co-investment.

Strategic investors have a say in strategic decisions with an investment and can use our skills, network and contacts to support their own business goals. We have created documentation and detailed planning for a decision-making process. For a Clean Energy Global Pitchdeck as a start in English, please call us on +49-30-9599 993 17 or send us an email to:

Question & Answer List

Question (Investor): Have the reasons for the failure of Better Place been thoroughly analysed and has this analysis been incorporated into your business model?
Answer (CEG): Better Place has been carefully analysed and we have eliminated all disadvantages. The top 3 reasons why Better Place failed were:
1. Better Place wanted to own the batteries themselves and rent them out – the car manufacturers didn’t like that at all (according to Ziv Aviram, founder of Mobileye).
2. Better Place founder Shai Agassi did not listen to potential customers and their wishes and that was not very well received by automotive customers .
3. Better Place batteries were one size per EV, so they were big, heavy and not smart, modularly scalable as with the Clean Energy Pack. Therefore, about 3 times more expensive because you have to keep about 50% of the capacity in reserve. With Clean Energy Packs you rent the amount that you need for daily driving, so 60-80% less costs than permanently installed batteries.

Question (Investor): How do you set the decisive USP for your system or for your business model in comparison to other models such as GreenPack?
Answer (CEG): GreenPack is ideally suited for 2 or 3-wheel vehicles which, because of their performance, do not have any great requirements for temperature control (heating or cooling) and are also not certified for automobiles according to ISO 26262. Clean Energy Packs metal box can be cooled and heated with air or indirectly with liquid in contact plates, a system which has been patented.
Both the GreenPack and the competitors in the 2 and 3-wheeled segment do not have any heat dissipation or heating, so they are not usable for electric cars. The focus of Clean Energy Global is to provide its B2B customers with a Battery-as-a-Service white label ecosystem with Clean Energy Pack and Clean Energy Net based on licensing. With GreenPack swapping is only planned manually and there are about 10 competitors. With the Clean Energy Pack, next to the general possibility of manual swapping, an automatic or semi-automatic exchange is the focus.