Clean Energy Pack is a modular battery system for stationary and mobile use. Private operators of solar panels can store their own energy in Clean Energy Packs, use for themselves or sell through energy trading or to other consumers if prices are favourable. The same Clean Energy Packs can be fitted under the floor of electric vehicles, or swapped rapidly. Thereby, they will reduce the effective charging time of an electric vehicle from several hours at a plug to less than 1 minute at an automatic swapping station in the future.

Universal Use

Due to its globally unique combination of flexibility, technological maturity and practicability, the Clean Energy Pack is the first solution that not only follows the energy transition, but actually drives it.

Safe Technology

The battery modules operate on low voltage and can be installed and operated by users easily.


Clean Energy Pack is the modular, scalable and smart light-weight battery system as core element of a flexible electricity grid. The active battery management system is fully connected and can be chained up to 800 Volt

  • Compact dimensions (45 x 37 x 9 cm) for flexible integration in electric vehicles and stationary applications
  • Low weight <25 kg and connector voltage 48V allows for manual handling by users
  • Combined contact, air and electric temperature management with patented cell holders reduces weight and guarantees safe operations
  • Full connectivity (Bluetooth, WLAN, GSM) and plug-and-play standard for simple and flexible creation of mobile and stationary applications
  • Granting of production and sales licences to battery system producers, electronics companies, suppliers etc leads to rapid scaling and optimal market penetration
micClean Energy Pack