Clean Energy Net is a cloud environment, which not only supports the control of Clean Energy Packs, but also the billing between operators and users on a Blockchain basis. This ensures maximum transparency for suppliers and consumers, in real time – a true novelty in the sector.

Easy Handling

Due to its plug-and-play capabilities and app-based control, the handling of the batteries is extremely easy.

German Engineering

The founders and engineers are experts in their fields from storage to software and have established their reputation in their sectors.


Clean Energy Net records every use of Clean Energy Packs in a Blockchain-secured cloud and provides the data to operators and users for exact billing. It also ensures safe operations and real-time monitoring.

  • Permanent connection of all Clean Energy Packs with Clean Energy Net through available interfaces and use of mobile phones as modems, calculation hubs and data storage
  • Operation of Clean Energy Net as proprietary application on leading cloud platforms with PC interface and mobile app
  • Establishment of a rapidly scalable, open Internet of Energy (IoE) for energy producers and stationary as well as mobile consumers by connecting through Clean Energy Packs
  • Upgrade of the conventional electricity grid to a smart grid through smart storage which is connected though Clean Energy Net, reducing investments and transition time
  • Integration of intelligent devices with IoT (Internet of Things) connection into an intelligent electricity grid directly connected to IoT
  • Establishment of local, intelligent micro grid networks through automated integration of Clean Energy Packs and sharing of electricity and storage capacity
  • Securing of stable energy supply in local communities by physical distribution and direct peer-to-peer communication between energy producers and consumers through Clean Energy Packs
  • Granting of operations and installations licences for Clean Energy Net to operators of Clean Energy Pack pools (e. g., energy suppliers, leasing and fleet operators)
  • Own operations of Clean Energy Net as a service for licence holders, billing and roaming services
micClean Energy Net